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Another great result for Euromecc in the Coega Industrial Development Zone, South Africa.

The batching plant of last generation is totally Eco-friendly, thanks to the high technologies implemented by EM, reducing environmental pollution with zero emissions. The stationary model installed is 5VL/E with a hourly production capacity of 120 m³ and it is equipped with a twin shaft mixer model MEB 4500 complete with an internal washing system.
The aggregates system has 4 storage compartments managed by a simple and intuitive control system and the 4 cement silos reach a storage capacity of 90 m³.

Euromecc in the Coega Industrial Development Zone, South Africa

After the great success at Bauma 2016, Euromecc has attended Samoter 2017, Verona, Italy.

The event, was held from the 22nd to the 25th of February and it was the occasion for showing the new concrete mixer “Dynamic” that allows to produce cement mixture and concrete ready-mix either. The latest developed concrete mixer complete the wide range of concrete mixers that Euromecc manufactures and successfully sells all over the world: continuous mixers (MEC series), twin shaft mixers (MEB series) and planetary mixers (MEP series).

Our Export Managers had the opportunity to present visitors the full range of batching plants (from the “fast series” to the “continuous mixing plant”), as well as the storage solutions and the equipment for dust material handling (cement silos, marine terminal, shiploader and unloader).

Euromecc thanks all of the attenders for the time spent over and the interest shown on the company.


The experience of ICEA on Milan TEEM project






End of works:

TEEM (external orbital road Est Milan)

300.000 m3 of concrete + 520.000 ton

10 January 2013

15 May 2015

ICEA is a Sicilian company specialized in the manufacturing of big civil works made of concrete as well as supplier of construction materials like aggregates and premixed material.

Angelo Di Fede, CEO of the company, speaks about the success achieved with the construction of the external orbital road Est Milan, better known with the acronym TEEM-A58, which is one of the most significant works realised by ICEA.

The TEEM-A58 links the A4 highway Torino-Trieste, through the Agate Brianza junction - located inside Cerro al Lambro municipality area -  with highway A1 Milan-Bologna, for a total development plan of 32 kilometres. The highway has 3 lanes for each direction of travel, plus one emergency lane, and is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies in order to guarantee maximum safety to the drivers as well as to lower atmospheric and acoustic pollution.


The client “ARCOTEEM Consortium”, constituted by Pizzarotti Spa and UNIECO, requested standard and special ready-mix concrete. In details, it was produced extruded concrete with resistance class C63/45, which has been measured by the method of Abrams cone (8 cm lowering), class of exposure XF4. Then it was necessary to add an aerating admixtures for preserving the resistance to frost and thaw, together with 54 mm structural fibres  and expanding additives. 

The extruded concrete is often used when it is necessary to manufacture concrete products with clear resistance and durability requirements; the most common extrusions in big civil works are generally street separation curbs, concrete curbs and gutters, walls and laying cables for tunnels.

Looking at the external orbital road Est Milan, Icea used an EUROMECC 5MAX dry batching plant (5 bins with single loading point) and an EUROMECC EUROMOBIL FAST 3330 batching plant provided with 4 bins, twin shaft concrete mixer having 3,33  m3 compacted concrete output per cycle. In this way, Icea produced around 2.000 m3 extruded concrete. For the producers, the biggest difficulty  was to produce concrete with a declared consistency of 8 cm ( it means that it was required an accuracy in the Abrams’ cone test, significantly higher than common classes S2 or S3) that could allow the machine to extrude in the construction site the viber-compacted concrete curb and gutter for rainwater collection. TEEM MILANO - EUROMECC

This result was achieved thanks to the use of concrete twin shaft mixer 3,33 m3 output per cycle installed on the concrete batching plant “Fast 3330 EUROMECC”. The mechanical and electronic technology of this batching plant provides the customers like us an indispensable equipment for the industrial high performance ready mix concrete production.

The observed advantages in terms of quality are copious, but we particularly underline:

  1. High productive capacity, thanks to the 3,33 m3 mixer, that allows to load up 10 m3 with only 3 cycles, guaranteeing the mixture homogeneity since the beginning to the end of unloading process;
  2. Accuracy of Wattmeter, that measures the engines efforts in relation to the concrete consistency . That allowed to achieve the class consistency of each concrete truck mixer with an accuracy to the centimetre registered  during the lowering  test of Abrams cone.
  3. The automatic fibre doser, that combined with twin shaft concrete mixer, allowed to reach a perfect fibre dispersion in the concrete.
  4. The easy installation of a fourth silos along with the three that already exist, thanks to which it was possible to manage an expansive additive powder.

In addition to extruded concrete, ICEA produced about 300.000 mof regular concrete, using both “FAST 3330” and the above mentioned DRY EUROMECC 5MAX. In the last 30 months it was conducted as well a research, for evaluating the economic benefits or disadvantages of batching plants with a cutting-edge concrete mixer.

The benefits  linked to the superior quality of premixed concrete ready mix are known since long time. Moreover, it is well-known that  the increasing in quality is corresponded by  the rise of costs to be sustained for batching plant with mixer. The ICEA experience can be recapped  in:

  • More cost for buying the batching plant
  • More maintenance and management costs
  • More electricity consumption costs


It is usually underestimated the direct and indirect saving allowed by a batching plant with concrete mixer to ready-mix producers. The ICEA experience allowed us to create an accurate list of saving that a batching plant with mixer generates, as reported below:

  • The mobile batching plants with cutting-edge mixers can be assembled and disassembled in less time than a stationary dry batching plant.
  • During the truckload, truck concrete mixers drums instead to rotate with the maximum energy for facilitating the mix, can easily rotate with a speed slightly over the minimum, with a fuel saving worth to 25 %.
  • Considering that concrete goes inside the drum of truck mixer already mixed, there is a lesser wear of the drum; the drum life increases about 30 %.
  • During the discharge of concrete, error percentage on the concrete class of consistency is reduced to the minimum.

Ultimately, following the success achieved by realizing the TEEM and based on the copious results and the professional growth achieved in 40 years experience, the costs analysis conducted by us on a dry batching plant compared with a wet batching plant (with concrete mixer), pushes us  to leave dry concrete production and foster the obligatory usage at national level of the premixed concrete both in private and big public works.

Euromecc at "AICCE" in Abu Dhabi and "The Big 5" in Dubai

Euromecc was honoured to attend the 21st edition of theArab International Cement Conference and Exhibition” (AICCE), that was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre since 16th until 18th November 2016, and the Big 5 Dubai, the most important exhibition in the Middle East for the sectors of construction machineries and equipments and building materials.


Euromecc’s delegates had the opportunity of meeting  the main international players of cement sector (at AICCE)  and receiving enquiries and proposal from several  Asian companies during the Big 5.


Throughout the two events, our delegates showed to all counterparts Euromecc product lines, its know-how and the installations of concrete batching plants and cement silos carried out in many countries.

Euromecc, therefore, confirms its vocation for international markets and the strong interest in the Middle East area, that still plays a strategic role in the company’s internationalization process, regardless of the complicated economical and political situation currently under way in that region.

Euromecc at "GIC 2016" Italy

A successful participation for Euromecc at the first edition of GIC 2016 in Piacenza, Italy.

The event took place from 10 to 12 of November and gave our visitors a special opportunity to find out the wide range of products that Euromecc proposes in the market.


The conferences attended by Euromecc have been excellent to debate about initiatives and enhancements that Italian ready-mix producers should adopt, with some of the most important academics in the field.

Euromecc in particular has spoken within the conference named “A Concrete Vision” discussing an intervention having the title: “Quality pays back: anticipate the future” with the aim to explain to public opinion the difference between a high-quality ready-mix concrete produced with a static mixer and an ordinary ready-mix concrete mixed directly inside the transit (truck) mixer.

Euromecc shows once again to be an innovative company that knows how to look at the future with attention to quality, to health and safety and respect for the environment.

Euromecc at "Iran Concrete & Mining" 2016

Euromecc proudly attended the eleventh edition of “Iran Concrete & Mining Exhibition”, that took place at the International Permanent Fairground in Tehran, capital of the Islamic Republic  of Iran, since the 5th until the 8th of November 2016.

Euromecc had the opportunity to attend for the first time  an exhibition in Iran, a nation with relevant industrial and commercial potentialities, that due to the lightening of the sanctions issued by the international community, it's in the process of coming back to the international commercial relations scenario. 


During the event, our delegates had the opportunity to know the state of the art for  cement and concrete industry equipments in Iran and to illustrate to the Iranian interlocutors Euromecc lines of products, our know-how and the installations of concrete batching plants we carried out all over the world in the last years.

Once again, Euromecc pioneering spirit and our vocation for international markets  push the company toward a new frontier.

BAUMA 2016, Munich 11-17 April

For the 4th consecutive time (2007,2010,2013,2016) Euromecc participated to one of the worldwide greatest exhibitions for construction heavy equipment and relative machines, which took place to Munich from April the 11th to the 17th. A successful edition both for Euromecc, which had an excellent feedback according to visits and approval of plants’ quality, and for the event’s organization, which registered an increase of entrances (580 000, +8% vs 2013 edition).

Image 1 – Euromecc sales managers at Bauma 2016

Image 1 – Euromecc sales managers at Bauma 2016

Euromecc sales department, in its entirely (see the photo above), had been glad to show to the several new customers and the strengthened ones the innovative Fast 1330 Pisa and the planetary mixer MEP 1000.

Image 2 – Concrete Batching Plant Fast 1330 Pisa showed to Bauma 2016

Image 2 – Concrete Batching Plant Fast 1330 Pisa showed to Bauma 2016

Fast 1330 is a wet mobile batching plant with a double shaft mixer which guarantees an hourly production of 60 m3/h of vibrated concrete. The plant showed during the exhibition had been sold to Micromix Company.

Image 3 – Micromix owner and Lorenzo Longhitano (sales manager for Germany, Russian Federation and Northern Europe).

Image 3 – Micromix owner and Lorenzo Longhitano (sales manager for Germany, Russian Federation and Northern Europe).


Image 4 – Planetary Mixer MEP 1000 showed to Bauma 2016

Image 4 – Planetary Mixer MEP 1000 showed to Bauma 2016

MEP 1000 planetary mixer is equipped with two mixing stars with double arms, with a structure studied to reduce torsion and flection giving, in a contained time, to the mixture homogeneity and high quality.

The participation of Euromecc to Bauma is the fifth presence to an international show during 2016, after the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, the Uk Concrete Show in Birmingham, the ICCX in Ossa (Poland) and the BetonTage in Neu-Ulm (Germany).

Following the next events:

  • Petrocem, Saint Petersburg, 24-26 April
  • Batimatec, Algeria, 3-7 May
  • Intercem, Nairobi, 23-25 May
  • CTT, Moscow, 31 May – 4 June
  • Intercem Americas, Houston, Texas, 31 October - 2 November
  • The Big 5, Dubai, 21-24 November

University meets the workplace

Euromecc greeted students of the Faculty of Economics of Catania University

On Thursday March the 22nd 2016 Euromecc received around 30 students, together with professors, to share with them the way of the internationalization process undertaken by the company in the last 10 years.

For the second time in two years, assisted by Prof. Veronica Benzo, during the seminary “Enterprises Internationalization and Foreign Languages”, students passed some hours at Euromecc, to know better a Sicilian excellence risen in the global market.


Eng. Carollo, Euromecc Sales Director, presented the company starting from the description of the production, explaining how a concrete batching plant works and showing several departments.

The challenges faced during the years had been showed, concentrating above all on the great standstill of Italian and global market, used by Euromecc as a starting point to enter foreign scenes. An experience which rewarded the company with the sale of several batching plants, thanks also to figures fundamental to deal with new markets as the local dealers.

This change of direction helped Euromecc to increase its capabilities and allowed to face criticalities developing new ranges of products as the Fast Mobile Batching Plants Series or the decision to include another branch of the same industry, designing and realizing Cement Terminals for bulk material storage, adapting to the needs of a market in continuous evolution.

At the end of the speech, students participated actively doing several questions to Eng. Carollo and filling a form with their first impressions about the company just known, proving to be positive, as also demonstrated by the comment by Prof. Faraci on his Facebook Page: “Today, at the end of the first part of the visit in Euromecc, we received a beautiful message. The Sales Director Fabio Carollo, encouraged the students to continue being determinate on the way of internationalization (including language and professional skills, trainings and positive attitudes) and do not be frightened by episodes like the one occurred today in Bruxelles. The world is too much integrated to renounce living - with the risks its involves – the beauty of differences, respecting cultural identities”.

After a short break, students had been guided by one of our technical engineers to production warehouses, attending some of the realization phases of a concrete batching plant. 

Euromecc at the 60th BetonTage

We are pleased to announce our participation at the 60th BetonTage. The BetonTage is Europe's largest precast congress that provides attendees with a comprehensive knowledge platform by combining the congress program with an industry exhibition. The congress permits to arrange the business meetings with Senior managers and Experts of concrete and precast businesses and construction contractors from 20 countries gathering all at the Edwin-Scharff-Haus Congress Center and thoroughly enjoy the personal touch and pleasant atmosphere at the event.

We sincerely thank all our customers for visiting our booth at the Conference and see you soon during one of our next events.

New Fast 1330 Pisa


FAST1330 “PISA” is a last generation mobile concrete batching plant, able to produce 60 m3/h, designed by EUROMECC SRL with the aim of being installed directly at the building site, quickly and with low costs, guaranteeing high quality concrete production in compliance with environment and work safety.

The plant is equipped with an EUROMECC MEB 2000/1330 Twin Shaft Mixer, which realizes the best mixture of components. The plant is completed by 4 in line or crossed bins for aggregate storage and an intuitive system for automatic control to manage the whole plant.


Euromecc at ICCX Central Europe in Poland

The two-day first edition of the ICCX Central Europe took place on 11 and 12 February 2016 in Ossa, Poland.

The programme of lectures, in which international experts have spoken about current ‘concrete’ topics, was split into four topical blocks with the main themes of concrete technology, precast concrete elements, concrete products and concrete pipe/manholes.

The typical ICCX evening event with supporting programme took place in the evening on the first day of the event. This provides us an opportunity to converse once again in a casual atmosphere with all visitors.

We sincerely thank all our customers for visiting our booth at the Conference  and see you soon during one of our next event.



WOC 2016 in Las Vegas

The World of Concrete 2016 in Las Vegas had been the first international appointment for EUROMECC in the new year.

 The show, which took place from February the 2nd to the 5th in Nevada (USA), is one of the main events in the U.S. overview for concrete producers and, in general, for the whole construction field.

EUROMECC continues  - after the INTERCEM in Miami occurred in November 2015 - the integration process to a wide and prosperous market like the American one, looking for new commercial partners to strengthen its presence on the territory.

The event had been useful to show the new EUROMOBIL T20, a concrete batching plant which takes advantages of fast assembly (just one day for assembly avoiding foundations), easy transportation (just one open top 40” container) and product quality (55 m³/70 y³ of hourly dry production).

During the days of the exhibition our staff, composed by our Sales Director Eng. Fabio Carollo and our Sales Manager for Pennsylvania and West Coast Eng. Roberto Caiaro, had the opportunity of knowing new EUROMECC potential partners and customers on the territory and put the basis for the future development of the brand in USA.


The challenge is to let become our company one benchmark for the North-American market, using EUROMECC peculiarities gained after 40 years of activity:

  • Technical and operative know-how;
  • Wide commercial offer;
  • High quality of materials and products;
  • After-sale assistance


In the next months we will take part to several events all over the Europe attempting to let EUROMECC main reference for the concrete batching plants market. 

Reposición Ruta 60-CH camino La Polvora

Works for the Reposición Ruta 60-CH camino La Polvora in Cile started and continue expeditiously. This is one of the most important commercial road system in the country, where more than 3.4000.000 tons of goods are transported every year.

The project consists on a modernization of the street section, 32 km wide, realizing a 23 cm thick fiber reinforced concrete paving laid on existing asphalt.

High quality concrete produced for the realization of works is entirely produced by an Euromecc concrete batching plant, though its area dealer LEIS MAQUINARIAS, to Consorcio Ruta 60-CH Camino La Polvora, composed of two companies: "Constructora FV Ltda" and "Constructora Excon S.A".


Plant numbers

It is a 4MIX/MP, a concrete batching plant entirely galvanized and equipped with a planetary mixer.

  • Hourly production: 80 m3/h
  • MEP planetary mixer: 2 m3 vibrated concrete yield per cycle
  • Fibers dosing

Automation: for an overall control of the production


Euromecc partecipation to the Concrete Show 2015 in Birmingham

March 2015

At the end of the Concrete Show, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from February the 26th to the 27th 2015, EUROMECC comments its participation to the show which gathered the most important producers and professionals for concrete industry equipments.

 The booth had been entirely promoted by EUROBLEND – UK exclusive dealer – which a lot invested in this show, both in back office and setting up phases. In fact, during the show, EUROMOBIL4 FAST 100 had been built and showed next to the desk.

Thanks to easy assembly, the plant had been set up in less than one night – 12 hours to be exact – allowing EUROMECC and EUROBLEND to obtain a Tweet by the UK Concrete Show, raising interest and curiosity of visitors, big companies and exhibiting competitors too.

 It had been a great opportunity for the company to demonstrate, once again, its solidity and desire to confirm its presence in the global market.

 “Made in Italy” high quality mobile batching plants, easy and fast to assemble. This is our mission, which always goes with all the phases of the plant design, from the idea to the production until the installation, where finally the project becomes concrete.

Inauguration of sales office in Moscow

March 1st, 2014

On the 1st of March 2014 Euromecc inaugurated its new offices in Moscow, Russia.

Seriousness and capacity to well answer to the customers’ needs for both the design phase and the start-up/post-selling assistance phases are the most important reasons for EUROMECC having obtained a lot of approvals in the last ten years.

According to the EUROMECC approach of being near to its customers and after the German exhibition branch opening in 2013, offices in Russia have been recently inaugurated.


Storage and distribution plant in Poland

May 2013

Even this big project has been finished by Euromecc that, one more time, confirm itself as a company leader in designing, production, installation and turnkey delivery of cement and ashes terminals.
This plant is, out of doubts, one of the most actual and modern cement plant, concerning technological and functional features.
Plant is composed by n.7 circular divisible silos, divided as follows:

  • 4 Divisible Silos Ø 6.130 mm - capacity 530 cu.m.
  • 2 Divisible Silos Ø 9.214 mm - capacity 1500 cu.m.
  • 1 Divisible Silo Ø 4.600 mm - capacity 125 cu.m. (buffer)

Plant has a total capacity of 5.200 cu.m. with a loading line coming from the mill and n.2 extraction and back flowing lines completely independents each other. Moreover, these ones are connected to n.2 bucket elevators, with the added possibility to invert the association between the line and the bucket elevator (just in case of no-working of one of them).
The cement movement is assured by an air-slides system which is able to make cement to flow with a capacity of 100 ton/h and very low energetic costs.
Cement distribution is possible through n.2 points and it is addressed to a wagon station for wagons loading and to a lane for cement trucks loading, in both cases with a capacity of 50 ton/h (after cement has passed through a vibrating screen). Adding to this, cement distribution is managed by a weighing buffer which has the main aim to assure a very high precision during the batching phase before the loading of cement trucks.
Added to the aim of store up and distribute cement, plant has to cool the cement, also.
This is possible thanks to the back flowing system, working outside the silos, with a total time much faster than in a standard plant. It is also provided with a system that checks both environment temperature of silos and cement coming from the mill, in every phase of the back flowing (data is registered and noted on management diagrams). At the same time a series of movement sensors along the lines and a continuous checking of electrical absorption - with registering of all data on management diagrams - allow to better act just in case of anomalies (avoiding the engines stop).
Additionally it is possible to keep under control quantity of cement filled into the silos thanks to a continuous system that is also able to convert automatically to tons. Plant is supplied with a control panel placed in the command cabin and n°2 workstations provided with touch screen technology (next to the distribution points) and a tablet in order to make possible supervision next to the plant, for a whole and full management.
This kind of technology could be easily used also in bigger plants, with a bigger storage composed by 20 (or more) silos in line, in double line etc…



Few people know "Technology" is a word whose origin is in the greek language. It means, literally, speech about art. Faithful to the "Made in Italy" tradition, that has been long time synonym with high quality, Euromecc has been deciding to bet its future on technology in the wide meaning of capacity to provide all plants produced with the long-dated expertise od its engineer's and designer's team, as well. Obviously, without good ideas and high quality raw materials it is not possible to reach big aims, but the Company looks at very ambitious purposes so that we can imagine a future space of growing where innovation and experience walk together in order to give back significant results.

Read more..





Euromecc at Intermat: User-friendly batching plants

Euromecc, leader in the concrete batch plant manufacturing industry, invests in technology to maximize the ease-of-use of its plants. To achieve the goal Euromecc has focused on automation by developing an incredibly intuitive and attractive interface. The mobile batching plant Euromobil4 FAST 30 is the first one to be equipped with the new automation and it will be presented at Intermat. Equipped with 4 aggregate bins, FAST 30 ensures the production of 30 m3/h of high quality concrete, thanks to a 750/500 lt planetary mixer, charged by skip. The management of the entire plant can be directly performed by an innovative touch-screen, with the possibility to manage and print cycle data, configuration parameters and formulas. An advanced and very simple 3D-graphic interface with visual display of the system allows an intuitive, user-friendly and immediate use of the entire plant. Each operation, including setup, calibration, alarm management, is explained by phrases translated into the end-user's language, accompanied by images and animations. Moreover, the system informs the user about the maintenance operations and settings according to the maintenance program, the number of starts and the use of the plant.

(24 kb)

Euromecc inaugurates Marine Terminal in Malta

January 2014

Installation and final test phases of another cement terminal have been rightly concluded by EUROMECC during these days. It is a cement storage terminal composed by rectangular silos with a total capacity of 6000 cu.m., installed in Malta, Valletta’s seaport. SPR Terminal is composed by bolted elements that could be easily transported and erected on site; actually erection phase has been realized entirely by EUROMECC technicians, as turnkey delivery.
Design was based on the realization of a single big rectangular Silo, dimensions 30x20x h15 m, provided with a pipeline for cement transport directly by vessel, extraction system working as independents sectors and n.2 workstations for loading of cement trucks (each one with a total capacity of 180 cu.m./h).
Management and control of the whole system is completely automated and thanks to the installation of a series of continuous level indicators it is possible to define, time by time, which sector has to be charged.
Adding to this and thanks to a dynamic 3D visualization, operator is able to keep levels under his control, so that he can decide to intervene on manual to simplify charging of a particular sector.


Plant’s features

The Terminal is a modular silo with rectangular section - series SPR (sizes: mt 30x20x h 15)

  • Designed and built entirely by EUROMECC technicians
  • Turnkey assembly performed by EUROMECC staff and means
  • N.2 loading points
  • Dynamic 3D vision of the filling level
  • Loading capacity: 180+180 ton/h
  • Storage: 6.000 cu.m. - 7.800 ton of cement

EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta

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