3/4 MIX/MC Stationary

The volumetric dosage plant for the production of cementing mixture, zero slump concrete and road basement foundations is equipped with continuous mixer. The dosage of the cement is controlled by a weighing system with 3 loading cells set up on the cement batcher. Two models are vailable, with hourly production capacity 150 m3/h or 300 m3/h.

Max hourly output m³/h 150/300*
Aggregate storage 3/4
Aggregate storage bins 3/4
Discharge tanks 50÷125
Extractor belts m³/h 3/4 x 20÷100
Conveyor belt with sheet 800 mm m³/h 180÷300
Cement hopper 2-3
Rotary valve for cement batching m³/h 03-24
Water batching with 2" electromechanical pulse emitter 1
Inclined belt with sheet 800 mm m³/h 180÷300
Conveyor screw m³/h 30÷60
Continuous mixer m³/h 150÷300
Air compressor l 270
Operating voltage V 400
Operating frequency Hz 50/60
Installed electrical power HP/kW 95÷70 / 70÷125**