The plant FIVETECH 2 MIX consists in two aggregate bins, a cement batcher and one 150 m3/h continuous mixer. It is transportable on truck trailers or open top containers 40' max. Volumetric belts control the milled material/aggregates batching whose flow is regulated by inverter. A rotary valve enables the cement batching, managed by an inverter too.

On the cement batcher a weighing system for the cement dosage control is installed. A 2" electromechanical pulse emitter and a flow restrictor valve enable water dosage. The plant is equipped with a metering line and spraying of the emulsion, completed with spray bar, volumetric pump, control system of emulsion’s flow and pipes.

A 20° conveyor belt is used to load the truck. The system management is totally automated thanks to a touch-screen installed onto the control panel placed beside the machine. Moreover, the plant can be equipped with a continuous weighing system for the mixture components and with a hydraulic lift system for loading/unloading by truck. The supply can be completed by a generator. All the components are European and all CEE specifications are applied.

Max hourly output m³/h 150*
Aggregate storage 2
Aggregate storage bins 2
Discharge tanks 30
Extractor belt m³/h 2x20÷100
Conveyor belt with sheet 800 mm m³/h 180
Cement hopper 1
Rotary valve for cement batching m³/h 03-12
Water batching with 2" electromechanical pulse emitter 1
Inclined belt with sheet 800 mm m³/h 180
Loading screw m³/h 30
Continuous mixer m³/h 150
Air compressor l 270
Operating voltage V 400
Operating frequency Hz 50/60
Installed electrical power HP/kW 75/55**