In MEP mixers the simultaneous rotation and revolution performed by mixing arms confers a superior homogeneous mixture quality in a restrained time.


  • Top quality mixture.
  • Reduced number of moving parts for mixing.
  • Possibility of 4 discharge gates on the tank bottom.
  • Reduced overall height for aggregates loading and unloading in truck mixers.
  • Rapid and homogeneous mixing with any type of aggregates: dry, semi-dry and plastic.

  • MEP planetary mixers are provided with cylindrical tank with perfectly regular surfaces that offer a minimum accumulation of residual material. On the other end big inspection doors enable easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

    The main peculiarity of MEP planetary mixers is the wide free area in the central part for water, cement and admixtures incoming in order to obtain a more uniform distribution of parts and faster mixing providing the possibility to install an orbital moisture probe for the control of moisture mixture.

    MEP planetary mixers are characterized by the use of high quality materials and components, they adopted best technologies and are the result of accurate studies taking advantage of 40 years of experience in concrete industry
    -Mixing blades in Chrome alloy HB 700. Their shape ensures a perfect homogeneity of the concrete and a considerable reduction of mixing/unloading timing and wear. Mixing arms are very thick in order to endure deformation.
    - Large sections of the tank, including the top inspection doors, are coated with polyethylene HD of 10 mm. This material prevents the adhesion of concrete and makes easier the cleaning.
    - Security system for the opening of the inspection doors ensuring safety at work, in full compliance with the European safety standards.
  • Ducts for water entrance end with a septum which horizontally deviates the gush by 360°.
  • Advantages:
  • Fastness in water loading
  • Wide distribution
  • Self-washing of the tank
  • - All MEP mixers are ready for the installation of washing rotating heads with protection system and automatic opening. Trajectories of gushes follow a spherical mesh by 360°, in this way all the parts will be covered from the action of the nozzles.