Euromecc has always paid maximum attention to environmental aspects, proposing its customers different solutions able to fully comply with the current regulations.

The soil washing, which is a cleaning process for contaminated ground usually coming from abandoned areas and is based on chemical/physical mechanism, is suitable to separate the pollutant from fines.

The thermal desorbing process is mainly used for treatment of contaminated ground in order to vaporise the pollutant.

    Inertisation process makes manageable a waste material otherwise critical for consistency and/or chemical-physical features and inhibits the emission of polluted elements.

    This method involves:

  • Transformation of the waste material, with polluting elements trapped inside;
  • into a solid easy to manage Disposal of waste material in dumps with inferior category, with reduced costs.

    The milk lime dissolver is a cylindrical tank where lime and water are put in and through an agitator with blades milk lime is produced. This system allows to dilute homogeneously the lime, avoiding lumps formation.

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