Port Technology

EUROMECC mobile flat storage terminal is a structure on wheels for cement temporary storage and direct transfer from self-unloading vessels to tankers.

The system allows to pass rapidly from the parking area to the working position.


The double loading point, 150 ton/h per each, allows the filling in contemporary of two tankers. Ideal for installation in ports of little and middle dimensions, the EUROMECC mobile marine terminal is constituted by a square shaped silo and by a system of screws for the extraction and the cement loading to the tankers. The machine in completed by an electric panel for the automate management phase of load/unload of the cement, the hydraulic system for the stabilization of the machine during the working phase and the dust filtering plant.


  • Dimensions: 5.000 mm x 5.000 mm x h = 9.500 mm;
  • Net weight: 45 ton;
  • Storage capacity: 170 m3;
  • Loading point: n° 2;
  • Conveying capacity: 2 x 150 ton/h = 300 ton/h;
  • Filter's filtering surface: 90 m2;
  • Electromechanical panel installed on board of the machine;
  • Installed electrical power: 140 kW.