Silos accessories

Safety valve

Safety valve for silos' pressure control. Steel body painting with carbon dust, external diameter 273 mm. Values of intervention in over-pressure between 280 and 1000 mm H2O. Value of intervention in depression between -20 and 120 mm H2O. Values of standard setting -20/500 mm H2O.
Regulation of the pressure by special nut of simple use.

Silo safety system

Control system and block over-pressure inside silo complete of command card (the card can check up to n. 16 silos). Accessories for every silo: central control panel, individual power panel, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, audible alarm, tanker coupling, venting filter, pressure switch/differential pressure meter, spigot for pressure switch/meter, level indicator, pinch valve including pneumatic control panel

Galvanized ladder foot irons

Galvanized ladder foot irons with middle stop platform and safety cage.

Galvanised Handrail

Galvanised Handrail on silo roof h. 1,2 mt with skirting max 15 cm realized with tube 42 mm and flat bar 50x6.

Connecting walkways

Silo's connecting walkways, realized in stretched plate and complete of parapet height 1200 mm and skirting board 150 mm.

Fluidisation system

Silo's fluidisation system (applied to the inferor cone) with nozzles connected to the distribuition air pipe.

  • silos Ø 2500 mm (n. 3 pads)
  • silos Ø 3000 mm (n. 4 pads)
  • silos Ø 3500 mm (n. 8 pads)
  • silos Ø 4600 mm (n. 12 pads)
  • silos Ø 6130 mm (n. 16 pads)
  • silos Ø 7680 mm (n. 20 pads)
  • silos Ø 9276 mm (n. 8 800x200 mm boxes)
  • silos Ø 12500 mm (n. 32 1600x200 mm boxes)

Butterfly/Slide valves

They are used where the material flux in dust or granular must be intercepted. The valves can be installed under silo and hopper discharge gates, on the loading and unloading gates of the mechanic conveyors or on the loading gate of the telescopic discharger. The valves can be both with pneumatic or manual start-up.

Measuring gauges

  • A PADDLE: The universal paddle level limit switch is used as a full, empty and demend alarm on silos containing solids. Its construction and materials make the unit suitable for use in the food industry. Certification to dust Zone 10 provides more application possibilities.
  • IN CONTINUOUS:The measuring gauge in continuous is a transmitter which works according to the fly-time, through micro-impulses. Ideal to measure the level of fine and pulverulent solid products inside the silos.

Dust venting filters

Euromecc is able to offer a wide range of filters in order to blow down each quantity of dust, from the smallest to the biggest. They are provided with hood for smoke suction, according to the law in force.

Screw conveyors

Euromecc offers a wide range of screws (tubular, canal, etc.) with high performance and reliability suitable to convey every kind of material: cement, sand, lime, mortar, limestone, chalk, filler, fly ash, etc.

Bucket elevators

Euromecc bucket elevators are designed for the vertical convey of fine materials such as cement, lime, calcium carbonate, etc. The traction element is constituted by a rubber carpet and the distance between the buckets is optimized in order to obtain the requested output maintaining the buckets speed and filling inside the values wich ensure reliability.

Telescopic dishargers

Telescopic dischargers are used to load dust material on tanker in absence of dust. they are suitable for a continuous service reaching a maximum output equal to 250 cu.m./h. The inferior extremity of the discharger is coated with techno-polymer which assures the dust capacity of the dust capacity of connection between the discharger and the tanker.

Rotary valves

They are developed for the controlled unload of dusts or granular materail from silos, hoppers or filters towards mechanic (screws) or low/medium pneumatic pressure transport lines.