Systems designed to store & handle hazardous products complying with the latest ATEX regulations

EUROMECC has developed a range of silos, belts and bucket elevators suitable and in compliance with certificates and rules for installation on areas subject to explosion risk and therefore marked ATEX, following the latest Regulations and Guidelines. EUROMECC is able to assit the client from the inspection on the installation site, making a customized estimate, from the design of the machine to its realization, installation and start-upwith turnkey formula.

  • sulphure;
  • coal;
  • aggregates;
  • fertilizing;
  • chemical;
  • pet-coke;
  • etc.;

  • EUROMECC is able to design solution responding to every kind of requirement in term of material to store and handle, adapting geometric characterstics, materials and all technical details necessary in order to find the products able to satisfy the customer's requirement.

    Several models of EUROMECC silos marked ATEX can be supplied:

  • MONOLITHIC: built with a monolithic body they guarantee the perfect watertight. Available diameters: Ø 2.500 mm or Ø 3.000 mm, storage capacity from 33 m3 to 90 m3;
  • DIVISIBILE (bolted): built with longitudinally flanged elements, they can be transported on standard articulated lorries. Available diameters Ø 3.500 mm, Ø 4.600 mm, Ø 6.130 mm, Ø 7.680 mm o Ø 9.276 mm, storage capacity from 45 m3 to 1.600 m3;

  • Euromecc Silos marked ATEX are equipped of:

  • galvanized bolts
  • gaskets with accurate sealing
  • prearrangement for level indicators
  • prearrangement for over-pressure valves
  • silos discharge flange
  • railings and bannisters
  • on request partial/integral cover
  • dedusting collectors
  • electric and pneumatic installations
  • electric panels of power and command automatic panel
  • coatings on request, realized in stainless steel
  • anti-explosion safety devices made of panels equipped with gaskets
  • extraction system for tank truck load or opened truck load.


    For dust material handling, EUROMECC proposal includes conveyor belts and bucket elevators, made of components and accessories corresponding to the ATEX rules in force. Apart from a series of standard equipment, it is available a wide range of specific accessories in order to satisfy particular requirements:

  • anti-deflagrating motors
  • sensors for the skid control
  • rotation controller
  • temperature probes for bearings
  • outlet panels
  • rope emergency stop
  • selectors for command local/remote
  • gangways/inspection lay-by, access stairs, parapets
  • volumetric extractor belts
  • deferization system
  • weighbridge on belt
  • command cabin, electric panels