EURO-WASH is a concrete separator allowing, through a spiral system rotating inside the inclined drum, to split solid materials up to 0.15 mm diameter, discharging water rich of cement and fine parts, by overflow, into storage tanks and using it again in the production cycle.
The working principle of the system is to separate aggregates from the w ater and cement through a washing machine.
Washed aggregates can be reused for the production of concrete, as well as water and cement that, kept mixed by suitable agitators in the bins, are reused in the production cycle.

Advantages of the system

  • Recycle of large quantities of concrete in short time
  • Recovery of aggregates (with a diameter more than 0.15 mm)
  • Saving of about 70% of clean water
  • Recycled water with suspended particles of cement and lime improves the quality of concrete
  • Cleanliness of the plant
  • Respect for the environment
  • Flow rate: from 10 to 25 m³/h of diluted concrete
  • All parts are galvanized
  • Different configurations (linear/orthogonal)
  • Versions for 1 or 2 vehicles
  • No mechanical parts are in contact with the material
  • Reduced wear due to the low speed of rotation of the rotating spirals and to the flow of material on a layer of aggregates deposited on the bin’s bottom.


It is a concrete separator particularly suitable for small and medium quantity of concrete. Recycling capacity 11 m³/h.


It is a concrete separator particularly suitable for large quantity of concrete. Recycling capacity 25 m³/h.


It has the same recycling capacity of EURO-WASH 10. Separator and dirty water storage tank are installed on the same road transportable frame, as well as the remaining components. The mobile system is easily transportable from one site to another.