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Storage and distribution plant in Poland

May 2013

Even this big project has been finished by Euromecc that, one more time, confirm itself as a company leader in designing, production, installation and turnkey delivery of cement and ashes terminals.
This plant is, out of doubts, one of the most actual and modern cement plant, concerning technological and functional features.
Plant is composed by n.7 circular divisible silos, divided as follows:

  • 4 Divisible Silos Ø 6.130 mm - capacity 530 cu.m.
  • 2 Divisible Silos Ø 9.214 mm - capacity 1500 cu.m.
  • 1 Divisible Silo Ø 4.600 mm - capacity 125 cu.m. (buffer)

Plant has a total capacity of 5.200 cu.m. with a loading line coming from the mill and n.2 extraction and back flowing lines completely independents each other. Moreover, these ones are connected to n.2 bucket elevators, with the added possibility to invert the association between the line and the bucket elevator (just in case of no-working of one of them).
The cement movement is assured by an air-slides system which is able to make cement to flow with a capacity of 100 ton/h and very low energetic costs.
Cement distribution is possible through n.2 points and it is addressed to a wagon station for wagons loading and to a lane for cement trucks loading, in both cases with a capacity of 50 ton/h (after cement has passed through a vibrating screen). Adding to this, cement distribution is managed by a weighing buffer which has the main aim to assure a very high precision during the batching phase before the loading of cement trucks.
Added to the aim of store up and distribute cement, plant has to cool the cement, also.
This is possible thanks to the back flowing system, working outside the silos, with a total time much faster than in a standard plant. It is also provided with a system that checks both environment temperature of silos and cement coming from the mill, in every phase of the back flowing (data is registered and noted on management diagrams). At the same time a series of movement sensors along the lines and a continuous checking of electrical absorption - with registering of all data on management diagrams - allow to better act just in case of anomalies (avoiding the engines stop).
Additionally it is possible to keep under control quantity of cement filled into the silos thanks to a continuous system that is also able to convert automatically to tons. Plant is supplied with a control panel placed in the command cabin and n°2 workstations provided with touch screen technology (next to the distribution points) and a tablet in order to make possible supervision next to the plant, for a whole and full management.
This kind of technology could be easily used also in bigger plants, with a bigger storage composed by 20 (or more) silos in line, in double line etc…



Few people know "Technology" is a word whose origin is in the greek language. It means, literally, speech about art. Faithful to the "Made in Italy" tradition, that has been long time synonym with high quality, Euromecc has been deciding to bet its future on technology in the wide meaning of capacity to provide all plants produced with the long-dated expertise od its engineer's and designer's team, as well. Obviously, without good ideas and high quality raw materials it is not possible to reach big aims, but the Company looks at very ambitious purposes so that we can imagine a future space of growing where innovation and experience walk together in order to give back significant results.

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