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Euromecc inaugurates Marine Terminal in Malta

January 2014

Installation and final test phases of another cement terminal have been rightly concluded by EUROMECC during these days. It is a cement storage terminal composed by rectangular silos with a total capacity of 6000 cu.m., installed in Malta, Valletta’s seaport. SPR Terminal is composed by bolted elements that could be easily transported and erected on site; actually erection phase has been realized entirely by EUROMECC technicians, as turnkey delivery.
Design was based on the realization of a single big rectangular Silo, dimensions 30x20x h15 m, provided with a pipeline for cement transport directly by vessel, extraction system working as independents sectors and n.2 workstations for loading of cement trucks (each one with a total capacity of 180 cu.m./h).
Management and control of the whole system is completely automated and thanks to the installation of a series of continuous level indicators it is possible to define, time by time, which sector has to be charged.
Adding to this and thanks to a dynamic 3D visualization, operator is able to keep levels under his control, so that he can decide to intervene on manual to simplify charging of a particular sector.


Plant’s features

The Terminal is a modular silo with rectangular section - series SPR (sizes: mt 30x20x h 15)

  • Designed and built entirely by EUROMECC technicians
  • Turnkey assembly performed by EUROMECC staff and means
  • N.2 loading points
  • Dynamic 3D vision of the filling level
  • Loading capacity: 180+180 ton/h
  • Storage: 6.000 cu.m. - 7.800 ton of cement

EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta
EUROMECC - Terminal Malta

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