We design terminals for the storage of dusty materials such as cement, fillers and fly-ashes; They are high-quality products that ensure ease of installation and respect for the environment. Euromecc silos are Made in Italy, they comply with all current regulations and are accompanied by an CE declaration of conformity.


The circular terminals are designed for the storage of any type of bulk material and allow both the unloading from ships for loading on tankers, and the loading of ships with the appropriate pumping systems. These installations require small spaces, as they develop in height. If specifically requested, terminals can be equipped with weighbridge and automation.


The modular terminals are made for the storage of cement discharged from ships with pneumatic system, and they are composed of one or more silos with a rectangular plan. Each silo is equipped with a concrete extraction system through screws, which can be invaded on bucket elevators or on inclined screws that feed a telescopic unloader able to adapt to all types of truck mixers, with a theoretical capacity of 330 Ton/h. Production capacity is dependent on the capacity of the screws and/or vertical elevators. Everything will be sized according to the needs of the customer. If specifically requested, terminals can be equipped with weighbridges and automation.