Euromecc has always paid maximum attention to environmental aspects creating innovative systems such as: inertisation plants, waste treatment plants and lime dissolvers.

We have developed a line of inertisation plants, mobile and stationary, with variable treatment potential, suitable for the treatment of sludge and soils, that allows the dosing of reagents in powder or liquids with the precision required by the process.

Inertisation process makes manageable a waste material otherwise critical for consistency and/or chemical-physical features and inhibits the emission of polluted elements. This method involves:


Transformation of the waste material, with polluting elements trapped inside


The disposal of waste in landfills of a lower category, at lower costs.

The milk lime dissolver is a cylindrical tank where lime and water are put in and through an agitator with blades milk lime is produced. This system allows to dilute homogeneously the lime, avoiding lumps formation. The dissolutor is provided with one or more level indicators placed on a side of the cylinder and an inspection vent placed on the top, in addition to the relevant flanged inlet, outlet and overflow pipes.
The plants for the production and dosing of lime milk are composed of storage silos of hydrated lime, screw for the extraction of lime and dissolutor for the preparation of lime milk.

According to customer needs, we design and produce high-tech facilities suitable for the contaminated soils treatment, which ensure a correct waste management and allow the detection of any radioactive and dangerous substances to the environment.