The WAGON MIX 1500 represents the state-of-the-art technology of concrete production and synthesizes it within a plant suitable for movement on railways for the construction of any concrete railway works, such as foundation blocks for the support of railway poles and portals. This structure allows to operate on any site (and at any time) in total autonomy: the concrete is produced on site with the possibility to control constantly the composition and quality of each cycle.
The WAGON MIX 1500 concrete batching plant for railway has a modular structure, composed of five independent wagons installed on beams with parallel wings and equipped with a fixing unit twist-lock to the railway platforms; the whole plant is equipped by a special system of plug&play mechanical and electrical connections: each wagon is connected by means of a system of industrial plug-sockets which can be disconnected at full load and guarantee a high standard of safety. They are used both for the transfer of signals and for the power supply, while the entire train has been wired using H07 RN-F cables in improved version, resistant to UV rays, halogen free and low smoke emission.
Each wagon complies with the maximum dimensions and requirements for rail transport and performs a precise task in the concrete production cycle, optimizing to the maximum available space.

Technical characteristics:

N. 2 wagons for aggregates storage, capable of carrying up to 32 m3 each working with a mix of aggregates. The aggregate unit can be extended up to a maximum 4 wagons, increasing the working range to approximately 100 m3 of concrete;

N. 1 wagon for water storage and power generator which includes four tanks with total capacity of 26.000 litres to provide both the mixing and the service water and high efficiency generator unit that guarantees its energy autonomy and lighting;

N. 1 wagon for cement storage equipped with horizontal silo with capacity 32 m3 (approx. 45 ton)  including dedusting unit and connected by screws to the weighting hopper placed on the mixing unit;

N. 1 mixer wagon is the heart of the entire system, equipped with a Euromecc planetary mixer with capacity of 1,5 m3, fed by the aggregates batching conveyor that transports the aggregates from the first two wagons and that monitors the humidity before weighing, water adding system with pulse counter for the precise water batching and a cement weighing hopper. The mixer is equipped with a hygrometric probe to determine the quality of the mixture, two discharge gated with a special telescopic chute to direct the flow on both sides of the wagon. The command cabin houses a central panel where the main PLC for automation is installed and the PC with software for automated process management. In addition, each wagon includes peripheral switchboards with local PLCs for the simple management of any future expansions.